VL-600 & VL-700 – Which All-in-One Touch PC should I choose?

All-in-One Touch PCs

VL-600 & VL-700 – Which All-in-One Touch should I choose?

VL-600 & VL-700
Which All-in-One Touch should I choose?

Two All-in-One Touch PCs, each with their own strengths

The VL-600 and VL-700 are two reliable All-in-One Touch PCs and are perfect for public environments.

Both models have:

  • fanless design
  • control panel hidden securely on
  • Back
  • USB and other I/O ports hidden away
  • for unauthorized access;
  • glass-to-edge design for easy cleaning
  • long product life
  • image-secured hardware, use of same
  • image year after year
  • is Windows 11 ready

They can both be used as:

  • check-in and check-out terminal,
  • for commercial display of products in stores,
  • as user-friendly reception solutions
    and much more.
All-in-One Touch

Why the VL-600T

Flexible is the key word when it comes to the VL-600T

Flexibility can be crucial. The VL-600 therefore comes with a wide range of accessories, so it can cover virtually all self-service needs.

Add-on modules

  • Fingerprint
  • 2D scanner
  • Nfc
  • Msr
  • 5 MP camera incl. microphone
  • Light bar
  • Brackets for
  • payment terminal
  • Epson/Star Printer Stand
All-in-One Touch PC - VL-600T
All-in-One Touch PC - VL-600T

Modular design for easy upgrade and maintenance. The module fits across all screen sizes and can be easily moved from one screen to another.

Read more about the VL-600T here

Why the VL-700T

Robust design with a fully cast aluminium chassis characterises the VL-700 series.


VL-700 series is an incredibly robust and reliable touch PC in a fully cast aluminum chassis with an elegant silver edge. It appears in a simple and timeless design that combines great reliability and stability.

All-in-One Touch PC - VL-700T
All-in-One Touch PC - VL-700T

Ip65 dust and water resistant front makes the VL-700T highly suitable for environments where most All-in-Ones have to give up quickly.

Read more about the VL-700T here

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