Software – SiteRemote – Windows/Android

SiteRemote – Windows

SiteRemote is a specialized management application that can be used to manage and maintain displays equipped with a specific client software (e.g., Google Or Google). SiteKiosk Windows or SiteKiosk Android), which is connected to the Internet. SiteRemote's numerous intuitive features make it easy for you to efficiently manage all your screens.

SiteRemote is more specifically a monitoring solution used for external monitoring and maintenance of SiteKiosk terminals.
SiteKiosk, together with SiteRemote, allows you to remotely control screens, pull statistics, receive alerts by email, e.g. if a terminal is down. You can thus continuously change the content and customize the given content.
SiteKiosk can be used by all our Windows devices.


  • Encrypted client/server communication
  • Supports different time zones and currenciesWooden structure for easy management of screens and usersRolle-based assignment of user rights
  • Group overview of active/inactive monitors
  • Comprehensive display of the screen status including current logs and statistics
  • Freely customizable generation of statistics on revenue and usage
  • Concise graphical overview of statistics
  • Extensive options for analyzing log files
  • Simple configuration and file management of machines
  • Comprehensive task editor to automate tasks
  • Overview of hardware components and system resources on a machine
  • Overview of software components installed on a machine
  • Address book to manage all maintenance and administrative contacts
  • File Manager to Sync Machine Folders Easily
  • Centralized configuration for Digital Signage or DooH clients
  • Use VNC to access the desktop on remotema