SB-27 – Selfservice Kiosk – PCAP

Self-Service Terminal – 27″

  • 27″ PCAP Self-Service Terminal
  • Windows All-in-one
  • Vandalism-proof glass
  • Possibility of using as payment terminal
  • Easy bon roll replacement
  • Integrated QR code scanner and receipt printer
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Anti-theft mounting options
  • 24/7 constant use
  • Hardware supports Android or Linux


Self-service terminal
This 27″ self-service terminal lets staff focus on customer service, reduces queues, and improves and optimizes the overall customer experience.

Integrated 2D scanner and bon printer
The scanner can be used to scan barcodes or QR codes in connection with special offers or to place orders. There is also space to integrate a payment terminal and a receipt printer.

Built-in Windows PC
The built-in Intel i3 Windows PC, can be upgraded if necessary. If your application runs on Android or Linux, these operating systems are also supported by the hardware.

Anti-theft mounting options
The terminal can be mounted securely and directly on the wall, making it an anti-theft device. There is also the possibility of fixed mounting in the floor

Vandalism-proof glass
The glass front is not only thermally tempered, but also has a special anti-scratch 6H coating. The glass also has a special coating that reduces bothersome reflections created by external light sources.

Easy bon roll replacement
The bon roller for the printer is located in a separate compartment, so that the staff can quickly and conveniently replace the roller without having to open the entire cabinet.