EN – About VisionLine



VisionLine was established in 2003. The ownership group consists of the two brothers Christian Skou and Torben Skou, who have worked together in IT for more than 30 years, and thus have gained solid experience and knowledge of the IT industry.

VisionLine designs, manufactures and develops customized hardware for e.g. queuing systems, arrival registration and self-service. We are the market leader in audience-friendly all-in-one Touch PCs and self-service terminals.

Our success is based on the company’s ability to create customized solutions. We listen to the needs of our customers and develop solutions our customers need – or maybe don’t even know that they need. We are an internationl company and through our partners, we have delivered several thousand terminals to companies and government agencies in Denmark, Germany, Canada, USA etc.

VisionLine sells hardware exclusively through dealers and partners, which creates a unique opportunity to deliver the optimal solution to the end customer. A close dialogue with our partners ensures, that the application and the hardware gives the end customer the greatest possible TCO.



You feel it immediately

You feel it immediately when you enter VisionLine. The two brothers behind the company complement each other in a natural, appropriate and convincing way.  

Happy employees create happy customers, which is why Christian and Torben make a big deal out of creating a good atmosphere in VisionLine.  

Both brothers are innovative and solution-oriented. In addition, Torben is great at spotting which products customers need and Christian is phenomenal at customer care. And together they are the perfect team.  

Our clients matters.  

“We are very loyal and flexible, and do not sit and discuss with our customers, if there are any problems. We’ll get them fixed, and that’s one of the things our customers really appreciate. This is the spirit that goes through our entire company. We provide the service we’d expect to get ourselves, and that’s why, after almost 20 years, we’re still expanding and have the pleasure of enjoying happy clients”

VisionLine is located in Herlev, and all our employees is focused on technology, service, sales and marketing to help deliver quality-assured solutions to dealers and partners.