Touch in Retail – Why Is It An Advantage?

Digital Touch – Why is it an advantage?

Digital Signage, also called Digital Signage or Digital Posters, brings life and movement to the environment. Namely, they are designed to capture the attention of consumers and deliver messages that are specially designed to work in the environments where the signs stand or hang.

Digital signs and posters can enhance customers’ experience by informing and presenting entertainment on everything from small POS screens to giant video walls.

Interactive digital signage, where touch is added to the screens, is a great opportunity to make your digital signage engaging. Touch technology takes things to another level and allows customers to interact with content that can include viewing multiple product options, obtaining additional info about the products, and much more.


Most consumers are used to accessing information through screens, and so it makes sense to add the digital dimension to your business.
Digital signage makes customers curious and gives them easy access to information. This makes you easily contact with customers and increase sales. Among other things, the signs can be placed strategically around e.g. a store, to inform about products that customers might not otherwise have seen.


Digital signage is a popular tool because it can be implemented in countless ways and can be applied by companies across almost every industry.
There are endless benefits and possibilities for using digital screens. However, the following five are the most relevant for the vast majority of companies.


Engaged visitors are more likely to become actual customers when they have access to touch screens. That’s why it’s important for physical businesses that they make sure to give customers the information they need before they want to make a purchase.

If customers experience waiting in one company and couldn’t get answers to their questions, they often move on to another business. And that results in a bad buying experience.

Statistics show that bad buying experiences ruin business revenue for the following reasons:
56% of customers with bad buying experiences will never return to the business25
% of customers with bad buying experiences, will discourage their friends from shopping in the same place34
% of customers with bad buying experiences, will write a bad review of the company online or share their bad experiences on social media.

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Zendesk (a customer support software provider) tells us about online shoppers:
“Customer feedback tells us that more and more customers prefer self-service to contacting a support agent; and a whopping 91% say they would use a knowledge base if it met their needs. This is good news for businesses; self-service is the fastest and most cost-effective way to customer support.”

Digital touch screens engage customers without requiring employee interaction. As a result, they get the information they need to make a purchase decision, and employees are free to provide assistance where only one human can.


Digital touch screens can be used to attract passers-by who have otherwise never entered the company. Although any kind of captivating decoration can attract attention, i.e. traditional signs, product displays, etc., digital displays have a very strong advantage: it can take advantage of sound and movement. That’s why, on average, digital signs capture more than 400% more views than static signs.


Studies of digital touch based billboards showed that 83% of exposed passers-by remembered at least one of the ads they had appeared over the past 30 days. 65% remembered 2 and almost half – 47% – remembered 3 ads. And even more, if the company managed to engage the passers-by. This is due to the combination of gestures, sound, graphics, content and engagement.

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For many, long queues are reason enough to leave a store. More and more companies are therefore investing in payment stations and self-service systems to prevent queues and thereby lose customers.

Studies show that 84% of customers find that entertainment via touch screens helped them pass the time while waiting.


As soon as it goes digital, it can be measured. For example, a screen that allows customers to check a store’s inventory and other relevant information could be used to analyze what customers are interested in.

Digital signage analysis software can report which products are searched for the most. If the sale is not in line with this interest, it may be relevant to consider why there is a discrepancy. Are the products too expensive. Are they in the wrong place. Etc.

This is only clarified if there are screens that can be used to analyze this information. Monitors can even be equipped with camcorders that detect customers’ eye movements, revealing which areas of the screen attract the most attention. The dwell time can be recorded in the same way, showing stores where there is the most traffic.

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