Digital Signage Players in the Commercial Environment

Digital Signage Players in the Commercial Environment

Digital Signage Players, also called Media Players offer many advantages in the commercial environment. But which Media Player should you choose? Before choosing which Media Player is suitable for your need, consider the following:

How many monitors do you need to run from your Media Player?

Professional media players of the smaller size can be the attractive choice when starting with digital signage via Digital Signage Players. And there may be a good reason for that. They are a great opportunity to get started cheaply, but they have their limitations. Among other things, they can only stream to one or two monitors, and therefore you need to be sure that, also in the future, you do not need the connection of more than two monitors. Otherwise, it is recommended to go one size up.

How much storage and processing power do you need?

The smaller devices have lower processing power and less storage capacity. Storing your content in the cache ensures that your content plays in a smooth flow. It likewise ensures that your content continues to play whether you have an internet connection or not. So be sure that you have assessed what needs need to be covered before investing too small and wasting your money.

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Digital Signage Players in the larger class have between 128 to 256 GB of storage, and can therefore cover greater needs. Also remember that part of the space on your digital player is used for software for the operating system and digital signage, and this part of the space can therefore not be used for your material.