HB-200 Powerful Digital Advertising Posts – Ultra High Brightness

HB-200 Powerful Digital Advertising Posts – Ultra High Brightness

Digital Advertising Posts
  • Plug and Play
  • 3,500 cd/m²
  • Ultra resistant to blackening
  • Portrait or landscape
  • Multiple AV inputs
  • Integrated Android Media Player
  • 24/7 use
  • Narrow edge
  • Eco-friendly Power Timer
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Free scheduling software
  • Temperature control
  • Light sensor
  • Can be seen with polarized sunglasses

3,500 cd/m²

High Vibrance

Wide view angle

Legible in sunlight

Does not go black in the sun

Full HD 1080p

android media player

Android Media Player

Lightweight Alu

Plug and Play

24/7 operation

Bright digital advertising posts in public environments

Catch the attention of passers-by with this super bright panel. Designed for shop windows, the HB-200 has special ultra-high brightness panels of 3,500 cd/m². Thanks to this, and by using aluminum for the front frame of the enclosure, these screens have a high thermal conductivity for rapid heat loss, and can withstand surface temperatures of up to 110°C. This is essential for window displays, which are exposed to direct sunlight as it ensures that the contents really stand out, and are clearly displayed, even the sharpest direct sunlight.

With a powerful digital advertising post of 3,500 cd/m², you catch people who otherwise would not have discovered the stagnant analogue posters. For their eyes are simply attracted to this display, as it is both extra bright and at the same time is super delicious. You can therefore be absolutely sure that your messages will be seen when they are displayed via this digital advertising poster.
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High brightness

Designed for shop windows, the HB-200 has special ultra-high brightness panels of 3,500 cd/m². The screen can withstand surface temperatures of up to 110°C, which is essential for window displays that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Suitable for video walls

The narrow bet gives these screens a stylish, modern aesthetic. And the same narrow edge is the reason why the HB-200 lends itself to placing multiple screens side by side. This means that you can build large video walls that look elegant and inviting.

Multiple inputs

Should you need to use this advertising post as a monitor, you can connect it to an external source, such as a PC or media player, using the HDMI input or the VGA and 3.5 mm audio-jack inputs. This is, among other things, an advantage of use on vide walls.

Designed for the public

This digital advertising post is produced with professional components which ensure that they work reliably and are suitable to run 24/7 if desired. And there are no visible buttons, to avoid manipulation from curious arrow fingers.

Android media player

The integrated Android media player allows you to easily update content on the digital advertising mail via USB plug and play.

Plug and Play

Photos and videos are loaded onto a USB stick, after which it is inserted into the screen so that the files are copied to the internal flash memory of the display. When the USB is removed, the screen will start playing the images and videos in a continuous loop.

Speakers and viewing angle

The high brightness, the two built-in speakers and the wide viewing angle all help to catch the attention of passers-by. the bright light of the screen catches attention, even from a longer distance. The sound creates curiosity and the viewing angle allows the screens to be seen from the side.

Environmentally friendly and economical

Many of our digital posters are made to handle 24/7 operation, but not everyone wants to have their sign running always. Therefore, these monitors come with the economical and environmentally friendly power timer, which allows to set daily or weekly on and off times.

IPS panel

A powerful digital advertising post features professional-grade IPS technology and accurately displays image quality and color depth without decreasing in color accuracy.These panels are designed to achieve ultimate lifelike color temperature when used in either landscape or portrait.

Can be seen through polarised lenses*

Unlike standard LCD panels, which appear very dark or even completely black if viewed while wearing polarized glasses, these specialized screens remain completely visible.This gives full confidence that no one will miss your messages.
* Not for the 65″ version, though.

Sensitive light sensor adjusts brightness

These displays include an external ambient light sensor for use as needed.This ensures that the screen always works with the most suitable brightness for the surroundings.The external nature of this sensor also enables seamless kiosk integration.

Smart temperature control

The responsive internal airflow system keeps the panel and other internal components at optimum working temperature. This ensures a long and reliable lifespan for your monitor, even when used continuously in outward-facing windows.