DS-100 – Double-sided window display

Double-sided window displays

DS-100 – Double-sided window display

  • 43" and 55"
  • Double-sided window display
  • 700 cd/m² High Brightness
  • Ultra Resistant to
  • Super sleek design and components
  • Integrated ceiling mounting
  • Valgfri network upgrade
  • Plug and Play
  • Integrated media player
  • Economical and environmentally friendly power timer
  • Built-in speakers
  • Wide viewing angle

700 cd/m²

Double-sided display

Wide stitch angle

Legible in sunlight

Does not go black in the sun

Full HD 1080p

android media player

Android Media Player

Plug and Play

24/7 Usage

Why digital signage in shop windows?

There are infinitely many benefits to digital window signage in shop windows. Among other things, passers-by are attracted who have otherwise never entered the store and although any type of window decoration can attract attention, digital window signage has a very strong advantage: it can exploit sound and movement, among other things. Therefore, on average, digital signs capture more than 400% more views than static signs.
Read about the 5 reasons to go digital here.

Double-sided display

Capture the attention of spectators outside the store with this beautiful screen that can be read in sunlight. This display has a digital poster on both sides, so customers can see your message, whether inside or outside your store

700 cd/m² High Brightness

Brightness is paramount when using street-level displays. These displays use high-brightness (700cd/m²) panels, up to three times brighter than regular monitors, for easy readability in window displays. And these screens therefore excel in, for example, malls.

Tolerates direct sunlight

In direct sunlight, most LCD panels will overheat and blackening may occur on the panel. We use a special panel that, despite ultra-high brightness, can withstand surface temperatures of up to 110°C without blackening errors. Therefore, this display is the optimal choice for Digital Signage in window displays.

Integrated media player

The integrated media player allows you to easily update content via USB plug and play. Alternatively, you can upgrade your display to be networked without needing additional hardware to use our cloud-based CMS software.

Plug & Play

The hanging double-sided screens come with a built-in Android media player, and they can be updated using a USB stick. Photos and videos are loaded onto the USB stick, after which it is inserted into the screen so that the files are copied to the internal flash memory of the display. When the USB is removed, the screen will start playing the images and videos in a continuous loop.

Super sleek design

Although these monitors have two separate monitors, they have a profile that is thinner than most single-sided monitors. They have a remarkable depth of only 21.6 mm, which allows for stylish and modern window displays.

Professionalpanels and components

This window display is equipped with a professional panel. With a service life of 70,000 hours and high-quality components, you are ensured that these monitors, despite the high brightness, can be used 24/7.

Economical and environmentally friendly power timer

The economical and environmentally friendly power timer, allows you to set daily or weekly on and off times.

Window display withpowerless network upgrade

For a small fee, you can also upgrade your monitor to be networked, allowing you to remotely update your monitor via LAN, WiFi, or 4G. To find out more about our Digital Signage CMS CLICK HERE.

Wide viewing angle

These window displays can be seen in a wide viewing angle and can therefore be seen by customers wherever they stand. These displays are therefore very suitable in commercial environments, where customers stand all other things straight in front of the screens when they move around stores or the like.

Built-in speakers

These window displays have two integrated slimline speakers so they can display video with audio on both sides of the sign.

Integrated ceiling mounting

The monitor comes with an integrated mounting solution, so no additional ceiling mounting is required. You can even hide nasty power and data cables in the included cover tubes.

DS-100 Professional Window Display