New: Digital super slime stand with touch


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  • 50" and 55"
  • Android and Windows 10 IoT (optional) OS
  • IR touch with swipe and zoom
  • Stylish black design
  • 24/7 application
  • 3 year warranty


Plug and Play

Full HD 1080p


Wide viewing angle

Super slim profile

Professional IPS Panel

Free Software

PCAP touch


3 year warranty

The CL-800T is a digital stand with touch

It is ideal for commercial messages. The possibility of interactive product display and other advertising means that the CL-800T optimally covers the needs of digital signage.


Free scheduling software
The CL-800T series sells your items in text, images and video whenever you want and wherever you want.
Upload your content locally on the device or spread your messages on many devices at once via Digital Signage software (option).

Easily gain attention
The tempered glass surface, rounded corners, super-slim aluminum bezel design and narrow bezel around the screen make for a captivating and extremely elegant tablet-like design. With the super slim and mobile CL-800T series, you easily get attention with your messages.

Removable solution and easy update
Thanks to its lightweight design and integrated wheel, the CL-800T offers a removable solution so you can customize content and placement as often as you want. For more permanent installations, the feet are pulled out so that they hold the sign in place.


Cl-800T series sells the item in text, images and video

The CL-800T series sells the item in text, images and video whenever you want and wherever you want. Choose from the super sharp 50 and 55" screen sizes. With the super slim and mobile CL-800T series, you easily get attention with your messages.


24/7 commercial class
Designed to run continuously, the CL-800T uses commercial LCD panels and backlighting via LED. This means that it can run 24/7 for over 70,000 hours. In addition, a timer allows you to assign fixed on and off times.

Locked room for PC or media player
The CL-800 has a lockable compartment on the back with space for a small PC or media player. Therefore, it is easy to run the monitor from an external source via the monitor's HDMI or VGA and 5 mm audio inputs.

Super sharp IPS display
The eye-catching bright IPS display ensures incredibly high image quality, stunning colors, true-to-life color depth, and a wide viewing angle of 178°.


Stylish and reliable

The CL-800T has a unique multitouch function and a stylish design.The CL-800T is 24/7 reliable with a 3-year warranty. In addition, the CMS system is offered and there is the possibility of built-in Windows PC.


Ultra responsive interactivity
Optimal sensitivity and fast response ensure that users have a positive experience.
With the CL-800T, you never have to press multiple times or wait for a pressure to register. The screen is super sensitive and records all the pressures and movements across the screen.

10-point PCAP Touch
A special coating makes the glass front more resistant to fingerprints and creates a more agile movement across the screen.
And with PCAP technology and up to 10 touch points, users can zoom in/out, swipe and the like, similar to using a tablet or smartphone.

Android Media Player
The built-in Android media player allows you to
easily run and update on-screen content through a
website, our online CMS platform or any other
compatible third-party software.


Touch CMS
No coding is required to quickly and easily create your own interactive content using our cloud-based Content Management System.

Available in both black and white
The white model offers a clean, modern and aesthetic look and the black model has a more classic look. You can therefore place the CL-800 in virtually any environment.

Built-in speakers
Take your digital signage solution to the next level by adding a
sound element using the two integrated slimline speakers.