Arrival terminals in receptions and clinics

Arrival terminals in receptions and clinics

Arrival terminals in receptions and clinics

We see it as quite normal that we have the opportunity to announce our arrival. For example, by scanning a membership card so that we get access to e.g. a gym, a private parking space or our work. Likewise, we are strong supporters of serving ourselves at e.g. airports, where we retrieve information, and check in and print our tickets, without the necessary involvement of a human being. And we almost take it for granted that we can announce our arrival at the doctor's reception and in other receptions, without having to wait for a staff member to have time to receive us.

There are many advantages to arrival terminals.

  • Fewer employees are required to serve customers, resulting in resource savings for the company.
  • There is an improvement in the customer experience, as the staff is available when personal customer service is desired.
  • Less queuing and reduced wait times, helping to reduce stress for both customers and staff.
  • Many self-service terminals can be moved when necessary to meet the needs of the company.
  • Several self-service terminals include built-in printing options to print tickets, receipts, name tags, etc.
CL-200T SELF-SERVICE - 19" arrival terminal with print and/or scan, as well as installation of mini PC in robust locked cabinet. In addition, there is the possibility of a larger logo on the front.

" terminal with print and/or scan, as well as installation of mini PC in robust locked enclosure. In addition, there is the possibility of a larger logo on the front.
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Self-service kiosks in healthcare

VL-600T series is a super flexible modular touch PC. With a wealth of add-on options, it can cover virtually any need.
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Self-service has with great advantage established a place for itself in the health sector. When patients have the opportunity to check themselves in for outpatient appointments, the strain on the reception staff is reduced.

A check-in stand for patients is an increasingly popular method of using self-service technology. By allowing patients to check in to their appointments, the front desk is freed up to provide a higher level of customer service when needed. This leads to increased patient satisfaction, as those patients who do not require immediate attention from the reception staff can themselves announce that they have arrived at their appointment. And therefore, the focus of the reception staff is where it should be; on patients who need face-to-face or phone-based customer service.

Self-service kiosks in receptions

Anyone who has arrived at a reception and had to queue to be served will understand why self-service check-in terminals are becoming more and more popular in receptions. Via a self-service solution, guests can both report their arrival, print any. Parking tickets, print a name tag or access card and possibly be informed about the presumed waiting time and where to place themselves while waiting for an employee. In addition, the recipient of the guest can automatically receive a notification about arrival, so that the guest quickly progresses in the system and does not have to sit and wait unnecessarily.

Are self-service kiosks worth the investment?

As with any potential investment for a company or organization, it must make sense to invest in new. But the economy must be somewhat tight before one can argue for waiting with the investment of self-service terminals. Not only because of the savings that the terminals provide, but also because of the improvement in the customer experience that these stands bring.

How much does a self-service terminal cost?

Depending on the requirements of your company or organization in relation to the self-service terminal, the cost of the necessary hardware and software will vary greatly. It is an advantage to have a clear idea of the requirements for the terminal, as it is a pity to overinvest and even more expensive to underinvest and buy new.

The price will generally be lower if it is a standard solution and to a large extent we can cover most needs with our standard solutions.

Flexline self-service terminal with printer and scanner

" terminal with print and/or scan. Easy paper change via easily accessible locked drawer. The terminal can be placed on the floor, wall or table.
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If you need a tailor-made kiosk to be developed for your needs, this means that you also need to factor the design and development phases into the project budget. However, we have solutions that can be adapted cheaply, so you get a nice solution at a profitable price.

Arrivals terminal on pedestal

The VL-700T – 10-22" TOUCH PC
VL-700T series is a robust and reliable touch PC in a solid aluminum chassis with an elegant silver edge. It's built to run 24/7 and yet work flawlessly year after year
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Maintenance costs must also be taken into account. It is expensive to buy cheap, as they say, and it must be said that it is within self-service solutions. If the quality is low, regular repairs, maintenance or replacements are required. If the terminal is to be located in public spaces or is to be used by a large number of people, robustness and the use of quality materials are essential. Because you can easily save a few thousand now, and end up having to reinvest after short use, as consumer products are not made to meet the challenge.

In addition to offering more cost-effective standard options to accommodate fast turnaround times and lower prices, our organization includes a design and development team dedicated to creating bespoke solutions. There's nothing that can't be done, and it doesn't have to drain your budget.

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