VL-600 Self-Service Solution

VL-600 Self-Service Solution

Stylish and flexible self-service solution

The VL-600 is a series of panel PCs consisting of freestanding, table, floor and wall solutions. The series has been created in response to requests for various applications, such as food ordering, retail transactions, check-in/check-out, ticket sales, and more. The screens are available in sizes. 11.6″, 15.6″ and 21.5″, making them suitable in any location.

Self-service solution for the modern public environment

Stylish and safe
The VL-600 is a reliable all-in-one touch PC in a stylish black design. It is perfect for all public environments as it is fanless, has control panel placed securely on the back and has USB and other I/O ports hidden out of the way for unauthorized use.

Self-service solution that provides a good user experience

The good user experience
PCAP touch technology with precise swipe and zoom function, combined with the sharp LED panel, ensures a successful experience for the user.

Ultra responsive interactive self-service terminal

Ultra responsive interactivity
Optimal sensitivity and fast response ensure that users have a positive experience. The screen is super sensitive and records all the pressures and movements across the screen.

Flexible self-service terminal

Flexible self-service terminal
Vl-600 is a composite module that can be placed on the floor, wall or table, depending on your wishes. The flexible self-service terminal is created for the modern public space, where optimal solutions in self-service are in demand.

Welcome with a flexible and stylish self-service solution

The simple design creates an inviting way to welcome visitors, and covers both the need for commercial display of products in stores, and digital signage that invites increased interactivity.

Self-service terminal for pharmacies, hospitals, medical and dental clinics, clubs, museums, job centers, canteens, receptions, libraries, hotels and much more

Places of use
The terminal is therefore suitable for e.g. pharmacies, hospitals, medical and dental clinics, clubs, museums, job centres, canteens, receptions, libraries, hotels and much more.

• Information retrieval
• User-friendly reception solutions