VL-500 Touch PC Value 22″

  • Windows
  • Fanless
  • Control panel located securely at the back
  • No access to I/O ports
  • Glass-to-edge design – easy to clean
  • Multitouch with swipe and zoom (PCT)
  • Faster processor option
  • Stylish black design

The VL-500 is a reliable touch PC in a stylish black design, available in 22″ with i3 or i5 processor. The VL-500 is perfect for all public environments as it is fanless, has control panel placed securely on the back and I/O ports tucked out of the way. This reduces the risk of unauthorised use. It has a precise multitouch function and is extremely user-friendly. The VL-500 is easy to place on a wall with a suspension, on a table with a stable foot or on a floor with a pedestal.

Wide format size: 21.5″.

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