VL-10T POS Display 10"

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VL-10T & VL-15T

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  • Android operating system
  • Incl. squinting software
  • My Signage Portal CMS (option)
  • Android Media Player
  • HDMI input
  • RS-232 control
  • POE technology
  • Wifi
  • USB plug and play
  • 24/7 application
  • 3 year warranty
  • Available in boats and 10" and 15"
  • Available with and without touch

The VL-10T and 15T are Android based and contain a scheduling software to easily manage the content on the device. In addition, a functional digital signage CMS system is offered. The series is 24/7 reliable with a 3-year warranty.Wide format.

PCAP touch screen
State of the art Projected Capacitive interactive technology offers the most responsive and sensitive touch experience available. Designed for commercial applications, PCAP touch technology works by attaching a sensor grid between a layer of cover glass and the LCD panel, when a finger touches the glass, the grid detects the coordinates of the touch point. Unlike most other touch technologies, PCAP is not affected by dust or dirt on the screen surface, allows for up to 10 touch points, and offers superior optical quality.

Touch Content Management
You can run your own touch software from the integrated PC card with Android or take advantage of our easy-to-use Touch Cloud Management System, which puts you in control while creating, implementing and touching your very own on-screen content. First, you create your custom layouts with our easy-to-use software that doesn't require knowledge of coding to use. Then deploy the content from your PC directly to your touch screens in a matter of seconds. Now all that remains is to touch while letting your content talk about your brand, company, service, or product.

Versatile touch screen solution
POS PCAP Touch Screen is a versatile and flexible display with a wide range of applications. They can be used in companies in conjunction with meeting room booking software that uses the LED frame as an indicator of room availability. These displays can also be used as touch screens for points of sale in a wide variety of locations, such as retail, entertainment, hospitality, museums, and art galleries.

Commercial Class TabletThese
touch screens are ideal for use in commercial applications, and bring a whole new level of audience engagement into your marketing campaigns. Unlike home touch tablets, these screens can be in continuous use. The screen comes with an integrated Android media player that means you can display content without the need for a remote PC.

10 point touch
Having up to 10 touch points allows for a wider range of applications than ever before. This kind of functionality allows you to manipulate images, zoom in and out, as well as perform many other touch gestures; just like you would with a home tablet. It also allows multiple users to interact with the screen at once.

Designed for public spaces
In addition to having a buttonless tempered glass front and rounded corners, these screens also have a cabinet made of a lightweight polymer, so they are ideal for shelf edges and POS screens. They also have a screwless design to achieve a seamless aesthetic and avoid tampering.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
Supply your display with power using the included power cable, or supply the power over an Ethernet cable. This minimizes the number of cables needed for installation, since you can provide power and Internet connection to the monitor simultaneously.

Multicolored LED frame
The LED edges on either side of the screen can be red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, yellow and white. They can also be completely disabled if preferred. And unlike home tablets, these monitors have an integrated and secure screw-based mounting solution on the back for easy installation on the wall or stand.

No integrated battery
Unlike home tablets, these monitors do not have built-in batteries and therefore last significantly longer. They are designed to be used constantly 24/7 in public spaces and can be powered directly from the mains or via PoE.